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Organic Leads like Google and Yahoo Pay-Per-Click for Free

Body: Organic leads are not like safelists and Traffic Exchange Leads. Leadgusher gets you a different kind of lead. These are equivalent to Google Ad words, Yahoo, and MSN pay-per-click leads. Only difference is they are free. It's set and forget, really easy to setup. If you are doing safeslists and Traffic exchanges, great, but you need these kind of leads too. Enter some keywords like like Google ad words and check out what happens. They get entered into the RSS newsfeeds. Google, Yahoo, and MSN pick them up and you get organic leads. These are leads from NEW internet marketers, not the same old people. So this is easy, do it. admin/homepage.html

P.S. It's really worth upgrading for a one time $49 for LIFE!

!!!! Remember to replace the "admin" in the website address with your leadgusher username !!!!

Stampedes of Leads from Search Engines

Body: A Lead Gusher web site like mine can help you get stampedes of visitors from search engines using the exact keywords and phrases that relate to your business. Best of all, my system is free for you to use, and it's easy. Here's how it works.

You enter some basic info. Your business name, your web site URL, some short ad text, and a few keywords that relate to your business. Leadgusher then takes this and creates a special "portal" for you on Lead Gusher that acts as SUPER search-engine bait. It's filled with real time, up-to-the-minute content that search engines love, like recent blog posts and news that is generated based on your business and the keywords you choose.

Since the page is CONSTANTLY updated with relevant content, the search engines keep coming back, and the pages rank very high for visitors searching for the exact stuff you're offering! YOUR ad and a link to your site appears prominently on the page, and that's where YOUR traffic comes from. Isn't technology sweet?

My system is free, and it's got a few built-in extras that can earn you some additional cash. You just have to plug them in when you are signing up. Once you take 5 minutes to set all this up, it can be left alone to run on complete autopilot if you choose to do nothing more. When you're ready to start turning on the free traffic with your own custom Lead Gusher site, you can go here to set it up.

Thanks again for taking the tour to see how this is going to benefit you. You should be sent an additional email from our site that lets you know who your referrer is, in case you'd like to get in contact with them to discuss the Lead Gusher system, or just to discuss doing business on the web in general. Have a great day!

!!!! Remember to replace the "admin" in the website address with your leadgusher username !!!!

The Leadgusher Story - How it Began

Body: Back in March of 2009, a new program created by Bram Smith called Lead Gusher was launched. It's now one of the fastest growing full blown business directories of all kinds of different businesses, now over 11000 listings. This is SEO technology on steroids and if you aren't taking advantage of this yourself, you're missing an average of 200 real targeted leads a month for free.

Doesn't sound like much? Maybe, but these are real leads, not the same 20,000 that get passed around to everybody over and over again who aren't and will probably never be interested in what you have to offer. If you've ever paid a single month of Google Adwords sometimes well over $500 a month for the same kind of real targeted leads, you know what I'm talking about.

But Leadgusher is free! How do they do it? Newsfeeds! We get you in the search engines with newsfeeds that are always changing. Newfeeds about you! You pick the keywords and that's how the newsfeeds get chosen. So you end up with leads that are actually people interested in what you have to offer.

What you should do is upgrade when you join ... and because you upgrade, your site is being seen even more. That's the rotator and partner program. Free or upgraded, your site will get picked up on Search engines ... and whether you know about Search Engine Optimization or not you can benefit just by setting up Lead Gusher.

Listen, before you do anything else today, sign up for your own Lead Gusher account here:

Upgrade if you can ... it is WELL worth it!

!!!! Remember to replace the "admin" in the website address with your leadgusher username !!!!